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About Us

BDL4LIFE Entertainment Is A One-Stop Shop Full-Service Entertainment, Distribution, Publishing, Management, Marketing Company Designed To Help Up-and Coming Artists Launch Their Careers.

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BDL Entertainment is a artist development

focused full-service, next generation music and entertainment company for independent artists, labels, and agencies to access major label resources offering full service distribution, marketing and promotion, touring, merchandise, publishing, and more. We empower independent labels and artists. 

In a rapidly evolving music industry that’s becoming more and more do-it-yourself, BDL Entertainment's Artist and Label Services offers independent artists, labels, management companies and other talents and organizations that work outside the traditional major label system the opportunity to leverage a full-service, one-stop, turnkey solution that provides all the functions and expertise of a large record label, while allowing clients the flexibility to retain control and ownership of their music, copyrights and all assets and key parameters of its creation and release.


It’s the A&R, artist development, marketing, promotional, Radio, PR and distribution muscle of a record label without the strings attached, allowing artists and companies to create instant start-up labels utilizing the power and strategic expertise. BDL Entertainment becomes your record label while you retain All your rights. 

Our company's mission is to support the next wave of independent artists, talents, labels, influencers, and entrepreneurs with disruptive innovation and best in class label services, to help deliver global success. We do not believe in sacrificing ownership. We believe in the freedom of true independence.

Build your artist career on your own terms. We're here to empower a new generation of artists to take full control of their creative journey. Get the most out of your music, from getting your releases out on all music platforms to building your career through our team, technology, promotion and marketing tools—  we got you. 


Since 2015, we have worked with independent artists, labels, and managers to build and grow their brands and businesses. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help we help our artists rise. 

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