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What if we told you that you could reach thousands of new listeners?


Yes, we know you're still an upcoming artist, but over here, that doesn't matter. We will get you the audience you need to make your song a hit in no time. And it all starts with Shade45.


Now you're asking, what's Shade45?


That's only a leading Hip Hop Radio Station with millions of listeners. It's the station where Hip Hop music is being heard from people around the world. And guess what? It was established by the king of Hip-Hop himself, Eminem.


 He had a simple goal to play uncut hip-hop music every day and get artists' songs played as many times as possible to create the right buzz. Radio advertising is not dead and is still as effective as ever if you know the right ones to approach. BDL Entertainment is here to help you with that and more. Our process is simple.


As soon as you make your payment and lock in your interview we will set up a date and time for your live interview + radio play. 


  • 100% dedicated to the Hip Hop and R&B genre. So, everyone listening to your type of music is a fan of your genre. That's what we call targeted marketing, as every listener is a potential fan.
  • A fantastic way to generate awareness for your song and grow your fanbase
  • Instant access to a nationwide audience within the age of 18 and 50. It's the perfect demographic to get your music to go viral.
  • Most artists believe that they have to spend thousands of dollars on their radio advertising budget. Most times, the results are pretty poor. But you're having none of that over here. We understand the power of advertising on the radio, where it has consistently proven effective as an excellent medium for generating awareness on your songs. You can grow in popularity, and BDL Entertainment will get it done at the best possible rates. We make radio advertising affordable and within reach of independent artists. There's so much we can do for you. So, what are you waiting for? 


Shade 45/Sirus XM Live Interview+Radio Play

  • Delivery Time: Within 7-14 Days | Detailed Report is Provided with Each Order Showing All The Links. FULL REFUND IF INTERVIEW NOT SCHEDULED.

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